Friday, June 7, 2013

Difficult People

I have something to say today!

It is so hard to be forgiving to difficult people. I know that God puts us right where we need to be and doesn't give us more than we can handle. However, it is so hard to forgive and forget when someone is so nasty over and over and over. It is very hard to overlook.

I know there are a ton of negative emotions that influence bad behavior. In this case, there is no punishment for bad behavior, just pity!! So much pity!

So I am going to YELL like it is done so often...

I FORGIVE YOU And I'll FORGET Your erratic, nasty behavior. I'm SORRY you are MISERABLE. Now go live YOUR life and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! What I Do has NOTHING to do With YOU. PLEASE GET OVER YOUR JEALOUSY. It just makes you UGLY on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE!

Now I am going to enjoy every minute I can with my family because my families' happiness is number MY number one priority!!! I am so blessed to have 4 awesome kids and a wonderful husband that adores me! Life is GREAT!!

I feel better!

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